All Together Better is an alliance that brings together all providers and commissioning organisations in Sunderland to deliver the most personalised, pro-active and joined-up care possible for people in the City.

By bringing health and social care teams together under one united vision, All Together Better aims to improve peoples’ experiences of using health and care services and their health outcomes, supporting people to live longer with a better quality of life.

Working together as an alliance means that all partners are equal in standing and focussed on working across organisations to do what is best for the person and for the whole health and care system.


There are four main programmes, led by the All Together Better, that are transforming care in Sunderland:


Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism

Enhanced Primary and Community Care

Urgent and
Immediate Care

Patients first

Working together as one system and one team with a common purpose to improve patient care, outcomes and experiences.


Respect and encouragement

Partners value the skill and contribution of others and respect and embrace differences by taking a solutions focused approach to problem solving.



Professionals work in partnership to pro-actively manage resources, improve quality and increase value across the whole healthcare system.

Act with integrity

We are open and honest in everything we do and share our skills, knowledge and resources for the wider benefit of the system.



We empower our staff to make positive changes happen through active participation in testing, considering and implementing new models.

Health and care partners working together.