What is All Together Better?

All Together Better (ATB) is an alliance of commissioners and providers working together across organisational boundaries to better join up health and care services and improve health outcomes for people living in Sunderland.

Our aim is to work with local communities to support people to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life. We want to empower people to make healthier choices and encourage those living with an existing disability or long-term condition to live as well as possible with easy access to the right advice, treatment, care and support when they need it. We have a lot to be proud of in Sunderland, but we also have significant health challenges and inequalities:

  • People generally have poorer health than the rest of the country
  • There are significant pockets of deprivation across the city
  • Life expectancy of men and women is lower than the national average
  • We have high levels of obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Around 79,000 people in the city have at least one long-term condition
  • One in four adults has a long-term illness, health problem or disability.

The financial challenge we face is the biggest in a generation. Demands on our resources are growing faster than those available and, as a result, the local health and social care system is under increasing financial pressure.


We want to change this.