Programme One – General Practice

Through our General Practice programme we are working on the following core projects:

  • Social prescribing – collectively, GPs are designing a City wide social prescribing model to support people to improve their physical and mental wellbeing and adopt prevention strategies to improve self-care
  • Delivery of general practice strategy – all GPs are committed to delivering the agreed general practice strategy for the City which is aimed at increasing workforce sustainability and future proofing services
  • Primary care networks (PCNs) – all GPs are now working within newly established ‘primary care networks’ to help deliver on our collective ambition for a neighbourhood model which improved integrated working, better joins up care pathways for patients and focusses on population health approaches
  • Medicines optimisation and pharmacy services – this project is about enabling prescribers (healthcare professionals) and patients to make the most appropriate, agreed treatment choices together. This project will seek to enable high quality, patient centred access to medicines across health and social care and integrate pharmacy services to engage with and support the new ‘primary care networks’.